About Us

Why Choose La Latina Deliciosa?

We firmly believe in respect, honsety, operational excellence and responsibility as fundamental values to be by your side and become your best ally.

La Latina Deliciosa team, strives to be your favorite supplier - We like feeling as a part of your life and offering you the best quality and service. Big dreams that started off as small accomplishments, that with lots of patience, effort and perseverance have come true a little at a time!.

Our Brand

La Latina Deliciosa - With Latin roots and deliciously sweet- is an entrepreneurial, warm, kind, honest and trustworthy fictional girl, whose values were inculcated by her Latino immigrant parents. La Latina Deliciosa has a story to tell... you will soon find out about it and get to know her better!

Traditional Snacks

We produce our products in our own plant with the most rigorous manufacturing process; quality; security and legal requirements; but keeping permantly our unequalled Latinos flavors essence. Our wide expertise managing high production volumes of Latin products, as well as, our experts of the food indutry development, became us in local markets leaders.

We began to operate in Hialeah Gardens in 2005, in 2013 we released a certificated of Further Processed Commodity of Meat and Poultry Products, USDA.

We were continuing our way to the quality excellence in 2015 with the prestigious certification HACCP/GMP, from Perry Johnson, Registrars Food Safety (Third Party Audit).

We inaugurated our new factory with all to obtain the implementation and certification SQF level 2 (Safe Quality Food) thus we will be recognized our high standards worldwide.

Delicious Cadi, INC

Our sales force and distribution team started operations in the year 2007, placing products in small stores targeted at the Latino market in the Miami Dade County. We currently have a portfolio of over 400 clients, including Wholesalers, Convenience stores, Restaurants, Bakeries and Coffee Shops.

Our products are delivered frozen by our fleet of refrigerated vehicles. Our area of coverage for distribution focuses on the Miami Dade, Broward and Plam Beach counties, with plans to expand to northern Florida and the Monroe country due South.

Good News!!! if you are a private customer, you may buy our products on our Virtual Store, with delivery at your home or workplace.

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