Preguntas Frecuentes

1. What should I do if I want to contact customer service?

We can assist you via e-mail or even call you if necessary. Remember: you are our BOSS.

2. For how long can the products remain in the insulated bag before my arrival?

The maximum time the products can be preserved in the insulated bag is approximately 3 hours for raw products and 5 hours for ready-to-heat products (keep in mind that from April to October, these preservation times are cut by half).

3. What if I am not home and I did not leave a bag?

It is our duty to protect your purchase and preserve the quality of our products! For this reason, we will return the products to the factory and leave a note with the address so that you can pick them up at our Doral offices at your leisure.

4. If I am not home, did not leave a bag, and cannot pick up the product at the factory, what should I do to get the product reshipped to me?

Access our Virtual Store, find the ‘Reshipment’ option at the bottom, which has a $3 cost, and you will receive your purchase on the following day. Remember our delivery days are Monday through Friday. If you order on a Friday, you will receive your products on Monday

5. If I wanted to schedule an exact date for my shipment, how could I do that?

Advise us by adding a comment in “CUSTOMER’S NOTE” specifying the exact date in which you would like to receive your order. If no note is included, you order will be automatically shipped to be delivered on the following day. Remember that if you place your order on a Friday, you will receive it on Monday.

6. I got home, I had left my bag and did not find my products. What should I do?

La Latina Deliciosa’s staff will hold no responsibility for products left at your door. If you intend to use this option, make sure that the place where you live or work is appropriate for this type of service.